United Way of Carlisle and Cumberland County


If a picture is worth a thousand words then video is priceless!
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United In Purpose

We are united with Carlisle & Cumberland County to build a safer, stronger, healthier community for all residents!

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ALICE: Staggering Facts

We stand with and for our community!  ALICE represents your friends and neighbors.  Learn more about whothey are!

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Partner Highlight: SPY

SPY, Summer Program for Youth, is a summer camp experience for kids K-6 that takes place annually during the summer months to help keep kids engaged and having fun during the day while their parents are working.


Meet Jeff 

Principal Jeff Bell shares his real life story about the value of community support from United Way


Success By 6

The early childhood initiative of the United Way!


Our Response to Covid-19

2020-2021 have been unique and challenging years for everyone! Despite the Covid-19 crisis, we could still connect organizations with the critical resources they needed to remain functional during genuinely trying times!


The Adventures of Awesome Adam & Patman

Everyday guys whose commitment to our community has turned them into EVERYDAY HEROES! Watch their antics in this series of entertaining videos to find out how much a small donation can empower our community.

Episode 1

How far will your dollar go? Let’s find out…

Episode 2

What can YOU DO with $3? Let’s see…

Episode 3

$6 Can make a HUGE impact! How? …..

Episode 4

$10 Can Make A Difference

Episode 5

$25 goes a LONG WAY!!!! See how far

Intro to series

It all began with a phone call… Listen in!

United Way of Carlisle & Cumberland County

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