2-1-1 Program

United Way of Carlisle and Cumberland County

PA 211 Services

By dialing 2-1-1 or by accessing the PA 211 database, you will have access to information to the following health and human services:

  • Basic human needs resources
  • Physical and mental health resources
  • Employment support
  • Support for older Americans and persons with disabilities
  • Support for children, youth, and families
  • Volunteer and charitable donation opportunities

Guided searches for resources:

Search 211’s database for programs by filling out your zip code or city then click on the service category you need help with at the bottom.

Click here for the guided search web page.

 What is 211?

  • 2-1-1 is a FREE, accessible, 3-digit telephone number available to everyone.  All residents have easy access to customized health, housing and human services information in one place.  Currently 2-1-1 is available to over 86.6% of the nation’s population, including 50 states.
  • Every hour of every day, someone in Pennsylvania searches for services, from substance abuse treatment to care for a child or an aging parent. By simply dialing 2-1-1 our trained information specialists can help by answering your questions and connecting you to health and human service programs.
  • Call 2-1-1 for a referral or to learn more today.

Having Problems accessing PA 211?

  • United Way and the PA 2-1-1 Central Region Call Center (Community Help Centre) are working with all telephone service providers to ensure that 2-1-1 is accessible to everyone.
  • To reach 2-1-1 by calling from within a workplace, the phone system must be programmed to allow it (similar to when 9-1-1 was established). Please ask your telecommunications department to grant permission to this new dialing code. Until access is granted, please dial 888-553-5778 to reach the 2-1- 1 resource navigators.

 History of 211

  • In 1997, United Way of Metropolitan Atlanta was the first to introduce a 2-1-1 service. With assistance from the United Way of America in partnership with the Alliance of Information and Referral Systems, many states began implementation plans soon after.

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