Heating Assistance

United Way of Carlisle and Cumberland County


Throughout the heating season (beginning Nov. 1, and lasting until funds are depleted), United Way of Carlisle & Cumberland County provides emergency heating assistance to those who qualify.

To date, we have provided emergency heating assistance to help over 100 families. For additional information or to apply for assistance, contact Jason Maddux at 717-243-4805 or email:   [email protected]

United Way is able to offer this program with the generous support from individuals, local congregations, and community organizations. Donors can help support the heating assistance program by mailing contributions to the United Way office, or by designating a portion of their annual campaign gift.

Below are the eligibility guidelines for the 2023-2024 Program:

2023-2024 Heating Assistance Eligibility Guidelines

  1. Must be a resident of Boiling Springs, Carlisle, Gardners, Mount Holly Springs, New Kingstown, Newville or Plainfield.
  2. Must use oil, kerosene, propane, or wood pellets to heat their home.
  3. Applications will be accepted beginning Wednesday, November 1, 2023.
  4. Applicants who qualify for LIHEAP (Low Income Heat Assistance Program) must utilize that resource (Initial & Crisis Grants) first before applying for this program. We cannot pay for previous balances, just new deliveries.
  5. If age 55 or older, refer to Todd Baird Lindsey Devlin Foundation (Stacie Nickel, 717-486-4121)
  6. If younger than 55, refer to United Way of Carlisle & Cumberland County (Jason Maddux, 717-243-4805)
  7. Gross household income cannot exceed the following levels (200% poverty level).

1  Person                     $29,160

2  Persons                   $39,440

3  Persons                   $49,720

4  Persons                   $60,000

5  Persons                   $70,280

6  Persons                   $80,560

7  Persons                   $90,840

8  Persons                   $101,120

8. No application will be processed without the proper documentation as required — proof of income, identification, invoice/bill from heating vendor, proof of having applied for LIHEAP approved or denied/or be willing to let United Way staff call county office to verify.

9. Only invoices submitted by the United Way or Todd Baird Lindsey Devlin Foundation will be paid.

10. Individuals with a known history of financial mismanagement may be mandated to register with Maranatha Carlisle to qualify for assistance for this program. After receiving heating assistance for two consecutive years, applicants will be required to be working with Maranatha in order to receive funds.

11. Names of recipients will be shared with The Samaritan Fellowship board.  Participants are notified of this during the application process.

12. Maximum assistance is dependent of fuel prices at the time the application is approved. The program will close when funding is no longer available or April 1, 2024.