United Way of Carlisle and Cumberland County

United Way of Carlisle & Cumberland County has determined that we can be most helpful in addressing our community’s emerging needs by creating the Carlisle Area Emergency Response Fund

Your COVID-19 emergency response gift will be used locally to meet the emerging and critical needs in our community by non-profit organizations.  Hosted by United Way in partnership with corporate, municipal, and non-profit entities and individual donors like you, this fund will allow us to rapidly deploy resources to community-based organizations that are offering emergency relief to families and individuals in need, right here in Cumberland County. 

The service area will include: Boiling Springs (17007), Carlisle & Carlisle Barracks (17013), Carlisle & West Pennsboro (17015), Mount Holly Springs (17065), New Kingstown (17072), Newville (17241) and Plainfield (17081).

Community leaders will determine the allocation of funds to ensure every dollar is spent appropriately. Funds will be allocated to non-profit organizations on a rolling basis and not awarded directly to individuals.

If you’re looking for a way to help today, please consider donating to the Carlisle Area Emergency Response Fund by check or by donating here:

100% of your donation will go to support local emerging, critical needs by local non-profits!

United Way of Carlisle & Cumberland County will waive all administrative fees, however third party fees, like credit card processing fees may apply. Contributors are given the opportunity to offset the cost of those fees. Gifts by check are not subject to credit card processing fees and can be sent to: United Way of Carlisle & Cumberland County, 145 South Hanover Street, Carlisle PA 17013. If you are writing a check, please indicate Emergency Fund in the memo line.

Donations from Businesses, Service Clubs, & Non-profit Organizations:

Carlisle Rotary Club

Dickinson College

Deibler Insurance Associates, Inc.

F&M Trust Bank

Second Presbyterian Church

The First Presbyterian Church On-the-Square

Truist (Formerly BB&T and SunTrust)

United Way of Carlisle & Cumberland County

Individual CAER Fund Donors:

Ms. Barbara J. Allen

Thomas Austin

Anna Baldasarre

Dr. Fred D. Baldwin

Jeffrey  Benjamin

Ann Benjey

Judith Bennett

Thomas Berg

George & Martha Bergsten

Marcia & Ken Berry

James & Lucy Bistline

Mr. William Bogar

James & Susan Boling

Mrs. Joan F. Boytim

Robert Buran

Carol Burr

Cynthia A. Bussard

Brendan Carr

Linda Caton

Jacquelyn Chovanes

John & Joan Clifton

Susannah Closs

Loretta Connolly

Alden Cunningham

Nicole Deary

Christy  DeMartino

Carole & Tom DeWall

Margaret Durbin

Margee Ensign — In Honor of a Wonderful Mother

Keith Ensminger

Frank Evelhoch II

Wil & Lynn Everhart

Ms. Mary Fetrow

Victor E. Foose

Jeff Fox

Carolyn Freberg

Deb Fulham-Winston — This gift is in honor of the very hard-working members of the Borough, the Fire Departments, the Police Department and EMS. Thank you for keeping our community safe and strong.

Chrystal Garland

Mr. Roger Giffin

Richard J. Gillenwater

Mrs. Cindy Gleim-Pool

Ron & Melanie Greenway

Jere & Mary Harbold

Elissa & Wayne  Henderson

Patricia Heuser

Joel Hicks

Joel Hillison

Charles Hills

George & Gloria Hilsinger

Beth & Hal Hinton

Mr. & Mrs. Paul Hoch

Mrs. Susan Holtry

Lauren  Imgrund

Ann Ireland

Ms. Casandra Jewell

David Kammerer

Marilyn H. Keener

Maisara Khan

Amy Knapp

Gabrielle Knapp

Col. & Mrs. P.L. Knight

Ruth Kovacs

Mrs. Harold Kretzing

Jean H. Kretzing

Scott Kutz

Kaylee  LaChance — This donation is on behalf of the Dickinson College Panhellenic Council.

Jennifer Lamason — In Honor of Trindle Spring Dev. Porch Portrait Project! 

Cynthia Landis

Devera & Ron Lang

Joan-Mari Lartin — On behalf of all the service workers, truck drivers, & medical personnel.

Brian Lauritzen

Daniel Lauritzen — Donation made in the name of Anne Lauritzen

Holly Lawrence

Jay Layman

Bert & Carol Lennon

Barbara Lightner

Mrs. Carol Lindsay, Esq.

Mindy Loftus

Jim Mader

William & Christine Mahoney

Col. & Mrs. Judy Maietta

Doreen Maisano

Beth Major

Joseph (Sherwood) McGinnis

Michael Meier

Dave & Jennifer Metz

Ann Midgley

Phyllis D. Murtoff

Corrinne Myers

Megan  Nesbitt

Alexa Nikoloff

Marchelle Novi

Sharon Obrien

Laurie O’Brien

Erik Olsen

Stephen Pardridge

Jarred Parrett

Cheryl Parsons

Steven & Carol  Posavec

Dr. Karen Quinn

Julie Rehn

Joanne & Charles Reynolds

Kelly Roberts

Dr. Gisela M. Roethke

Mark Romig

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Sanders

Dave & Linda Sarcone

Mrs. Mary Lou Secrist

Adam Shaffer

Diane Shaffer

Allen & Ellen Shank

Mary Shea

Anmol Singh

Nancy S. Shorb

James Skelton

Todd & Peggy Starbuck

Deborah Stille

Kevin Stoner

Ronald & Susan Stouffer

Mr. Jeff Stuby

Mrs. Pam Suter

Debbie Teague

Col. & Mrs. Walter Tibbetts

Tanja Trottie

Mark & MaryBeth Ulrich

Michael & Cynthia Varner

Lisa Verdekal

Susan K. Viney

Carolyn Walker

Dottie Warner

Patricia Wile

Donna Williams — In support of the CARES program

Bonnie Wiser

Allie Breschi—In honor of Carrie and Dave Breschi and the work they do to create a beautiful community in Carlisle

Daniel Stolkowski

18 Anonymous Donors