Campaign Kick Off Around the Corner

United Way of Carlisle and Cumberland County

Campaign Kick Off Around the Corner

As summer winds down and folks go to town,

Kids ready for school and all try to stay cool.

Here at United Way, we are gearing up every day.

Up, up we will go, for it’s on with the show.

What show? do you ask,

well let me just say…

we are ready to Kick-Off,

in the most special way!


Brian and Tonia and the whole U-Way team

are ready to Kick-off  “CAMPAIGN Twenty-thirteen”.

September One-Two is day you should come.

September One-Two will be a great day for fun!


Come out to meet, come out to eat, come out for fun,

come out real early… before we see sun.

It is fun to start early when you are planning for fun,

planning for fun as you raise up a TON!


Keep in mind while it’s early, there’s a lot we must do.

If we do what we need to the chances are true,

We’ll be able to help someone that you may know too!


So order your tickets as fast as you can.

It really would help as we cook up our plan!


Call up your neighbors and call up your friends!

It’s time to Kick-Off… Hope the fun never ends!


In case that was silly and too hard to read,

here are the details we know that you need!


2013 Campaign Kick-Off

Carlisle Fairgrounds, BLDG T

Thursday, September 12th at 7:30 am

Tickets are $5 and tables may be reserved for 8

All members of the community are invited to attend this annual event!